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Epeisodion Update Lineage2 2013

03 May 2013

Lineage2 Online Games News:

Live test server epeisodion update lineage2 2013 is running on Korea now. Several change had been test 2 May 2013: item, new skills, equipment, etc. A big different of conventional equipment, supplies, material, quest item can be found in this update. For example quest item now days can easily to find on the inventory system. The expanded function of inventory system had been change also. New tab of inventory category now larger than before so you can carry many item in single button.

The new modification of party hunting ground had been implement also on this new patch. Epeisodion update offer you more attractive game play and hunt. Enjoy the content update as the following posting.

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Wizard Class Skill Change - Epeisodion Update Lineage2

02 May 2013

wizard skills epeisodion
Lineage2 Online Games News:

Specific class skill change has been updated Korean server - 2 May 2013 - Epeisodion patch. The specific class skill base on  various class is design to meet the match of Lineage2 PVP or MPV system. Bellow the detail information:

Wizard Class Skill Change:

Class Name Race Description
Feoh Archmage Human Good in wide range magic area and debuff
Feoh soultaker Human Multi-faceted battle skills and powerful debuff
Feoh Mistyc Muse Elf Casting speed is very fast and specialist in single attack target
Feoh Storm Screamer Dark Elf Powerful magic damage with empowering echo skill
Feoh Soulhound Kamael Excellent in survival and defense power, the remarkable interpersonal debuff class is very effective

Wizard change skill: the power of chain skill was raised to a similar level that linked to main attack skill.

Class Name Clasification Change Skills Description
Feoh Archmage Fix Elemental Blast Damage surroundings enemy with the elemental buster skill. decrease 20% magic resistance for 30 seconds. Power 683.
Feoh Soultaker Extention Curse Gloom Reduce enemy magic and 6 elemental resistance with the power of dark property 115 horsepower for 15 seconds.[Lv gain up to 21]
Transfer Pain Absorb 60% of incoming damage to their pet. Continuously consumes MP, depending on the level of acquisition until Lv 10.
Top Cursed Man Learn revived summon characters to Lv 13.
Summon Cursed Man Summoned top cursed man acquire up to Lv 13.
Feoh Mistyc Muse New Aqua Crash Damage to the target with 199 ice power, causing abnormal state, decreases movement speed. The cumulative abnormalities final effect is freezing the enemy for 2 seconds. Over-hit is possible
Feoh Storm Screamer Extention Empowering Echo Increase 35% magic MP consumption for 30 minutes, and increases magical damage 25%. It Can be learn until Lv 2.
Feoh Soulhound Extention Ligthing Shock Current to the power of a magical force flowing around enemies with 188 have been added, for 3 seconds, receiving a 50% reduction in the amount of HP recovery.
New Soul Barier Increase their physical defense by 6000 for 20 seconds.

Classification List

Classification Description
Fix Add new effect of existing skills
Extention Change level of existing skills
New A new skill that added on Epeisodion patch

Wizard | Warrior | Knight | Enchanter | Healer | Summoner
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New Release Dragon Claw Weapon Series Video

22 April 2013

Lineage2 Online Games News:

Since the last update Goddess of Destruction Chapter 3, a new raid boss weapon had been introduced - Lindivior, Antaras and Valakas claw. The variety of these weapons had been posted on this site. Please check for further effect and information. Bellow a new release of  dragon claw weapons series vidoe updated by NCsoft - Korea 23 April 2013.

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Lineage2 Weapon List Characteristic

12 April 2013

Lineage2 Online Games News:

A new info of weapon characteristic update. Taken from Korean Lineage 2 Lab, bellow the basic Lineage2 weapon specification based on its type:

Dagger Very fast High Low Low
Dual Dagger Very fast High Low A little high
Sword Fast Usually Usually Usually
Rapier Fast A little high Low A little low
Dual Sword Usually Usually Usually High
Big Sword Usually Usually Usually High
Ancient sword Fast Low High High
Bow Very Slow High Low Very High
Cross Bow Usually Usually High Usually
Blunt Fast Low High Usually
Big Blunt Usually Low High Usually
Dual Blunt Usually Low High High
Spear Usually Usually Usually Usually
Magic weapon Fast Usually Usually Low
Fist Usually Low High High

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Lineage2 Image - Korean Official Server

15 January 2013

Lineage2 Online Games News:

Lineage2 icon image is an animated lineage2 image taken from the Korean server. There are many funny icon that we had already collected on gif format. You can download it for your lineage2 image collections. Some of them is designed on emotional char, pets, and other stuff.  You can use the image for favicon, smartphone/blackberry avatar and so on. Here is the list of lineage 2 animated gif image:



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