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Hot News : Lineage2 Nude Version - Patch Hacking

Nude patch of lineage2 has become a number of predispose discussion in my facebook account. Many player around the server pervade to this topic. Nude patch makes almost all characters in the game Lineage 2 completely naked. In such a short time a lot of female nude have been released but no nude male at all. It seems the most modders think erotic have to be female. It is so much harder to create such a male nude.

There are 3 types of nude patch for Lineage 2 :
  1. Partially nude patch for Lineage 2 - Official Undergarments
  2. Totally Nude patch for Lineage 2 Characters
  3. Partially Nude Lineage 2 Characters in ARMORS.
The nude patch skins, extracted from 4 Hack /Texture packs. Ncsoft does not created them for specific reasons. But the file is available within the system. Some player hack it and create it into new file systems that easy to use installation instructions and some sexy screen shots are enclosed via the zip file. The most common version of this nude patch is V.3, but other patch such as hellbound, gracia and freya also available right now. Note this topic, the nude patch does not supported and aint yet maintenance to official server for any reasons, It is obtain on private server as common and it is absolutely illegal.

source : l2 media, mmosite
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Anonymous said...

Some patch work on OFFICIAL servers, sample -> forum
Nude mod for Lineage 2 Freya
Nude mod for Lineage 2 HF4
Nude mod for Lineage 2 Goddess of Destruction

work on official,,
with official gameguard, frost and protection

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