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Special Hair Accessories With Great Effect Goddess of Destruction

Reconstruction system of Aden and Taking Island village on the Goddess of Destruction, bring new effect of hair accessories pendant mounting with a special option you can give effect. That can be fitted with pendant hair accessories such as cat ear, raccoon ear, rabit ear, demon circlet, angle circlet and hat. It is rewarded from the reconstruction system from the various server via NPC [Daku/Taki].Aden NPC rewarded items to the base obtained by the treasure box, open a random hair accessory box, and the pendant box, you can get two box, the six different kinds of hair accessories and 16 randomly one of 16 types Pendant you can get to.

See the ruins of the Goddess Pendant with updates to an item in the new pendant and can be mounted on the same kinds of hair accessories and hair accessories pendant mounting the case may be granted to the special effects. As such, hair accessories, a special option grant increases STR and DEX increases and an increase in a particular status, or physical damage or attack speed increased abilities to combat things such as hunting and PvP can be a big benefit. The mounting options on special effects are as follows :

Special Hair Accessories
Special Options effects
Items needed
Rabbit ears (Power)STR +3Rabbit ears + rabbit ears - Strength Pendant
Rabbit ear (Agility)DEX +3Rabbit ears + rabbit ears - Agility Pendant
Raccoon Ears (Health)CON +3Raccoon Ears + Raccoon Ears - Health Pendant
Raccoon Ears (mental)MEN +3Raccoon Ears + Raccoon Ears - Mental Pendant
Cat ears (intelligence)INT +3Cat ears + cat ears - Intelligent pendant
Cat ears (wit)WIT +3Cat ears + cat ears - Pendant wit
Romantic hat (critical probability).Increases critical chance 50Romantic hat + romantic syapeurong - critical chance Pendant
Romantic hat (Critical Damage)
90 increase critical damage, 68 spell critical damage increase
Romantic hat + romantic syapeurong - Critical Damage Pendant
One thousand and four Circlet (Physical Defense)
5% increase in physical defense
Angel circlet + one thousand and four Circlet - Physical Defense Pendant
One thousand and four Circlet (Magic Defense)An increase of 5% Magic DefenseAngel Circlet + one thousand and four Circlet - Magical Defense Pendant
One thousand and four Circlet (avoidance)
Increased avoidance 5
Angel circlet + Circlet one thousand and four-avoidance Pendant
Demon Circlet (Physical Damage)5% increase in physical damageDemon circlet + Demon Circlet - Physical Damage Pendant
Demon Circlet (Magic Attack)Magic Attack + 10%Demon circlet + Demon Circlet - Magical Attack Power Pendant
Demon Circlet (hit)
Increase hits 5
Demon circlet + Demon Circlet - hit Pendant

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source : NCsoftlineage2 powerwiki, inven korea    
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