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Lindvior Dragon Claw Weapon Lineage2

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The update of goddess of destruction chapter 3 Lindvior - Lineage 2 - Live server Korean, many interest feature had been made through the game life. The dragon claws weapon (Antaras, Valakas, Lindvior) is one of the new interesting item so far. We had already posted the effect and skills of those weapon and now here the new update of weapon modeling detail.

Lindvior Claw Weapon: There is no different glowing effect between fragment and general Antaras claw weapon. The specific figure as the image bellow.

Available weapon type: 
  • Lindvior shapper
  • Lindvior slasher
  • Lindvior buster
  • Lindivior cutter
  • Lindvior bow
  • Lindvior cross bow
  • Lindvior dual dagger
lindvior claw
Lindvior Shapper | Lindvior Buster | Lindvior Dual Dagger

lindvior claw
Lindvior Cross Bow | Lindvior Bow | Lindvior Slasher | Lindvior Cutter

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