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Sagira Ruins : Goddess of Destruction Lineage2

Goddess of destruction and related information prior to the test server update has been prepared for the test server and live server updates can be some changes, so please note.
  • How To Move 
Speaking island in the center of the entrance to the ruins sagira Talking Island Village in the central square is the gatekeeper rayikel telrepoteuhal through. But at first, functionality is disabled because Teleport is not available on the site at least once within the sagira entered will be activated to come. For the first time since the run up to go directly to the entrance of sagira sites.
  • Structure 

Sagira sites in the exploration area in zone 1 to 5 from a total of 5 survey is divided into sections, each section to help every level up fast, there are quests and monsters. Sagira sites in the structure of each of the exploration areas are as follows.
  • Movement between areas
 Each exploration of monuments in the area sagira 2 in the mobile device exists sagira, and is divided into blue and red. Sagira in blue just before the mobile device provides the ability to return to exploration areas and red for mobile devices sagira next step in the exploration area shall provide the ability to teleport.

  • Fast leveling in quest
All of the sites in the exploration area sagira emerged here because every monster in the hunt may try to level through.  However, when creating the first character of the museum can receive quests from the Pantheon, the number of leads to Quests, quests for compensation because a good side quests in progress with just 1-2 hours for a first job can be completed .  Note that you can proceed from inside the historic quest sagira while taking advantage of a specific social action, or, NPC to a specific place and a new type of escort quests have been added. 

Quest List

source : lineage2 powerwiki korea  
* name of specific words may be change as your local language. 

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