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S84 Grade Mage Weapon Enchant Experimental

Elliebellynet has pubished the number of weapon enchant experimental data, recently days. Most of the data shown as melee weapon. To day we would like to present the experimental weapon enchant investigation for mage weapon from lineage2 labs - Korea. The lineage 2 labs on korean server has work to investigate this observation to determine the status of enchant probability through out lineage 2 server. The magic of the S84 grades were investigated for sword, blunt, bigblunt / two-handed blunt weapons.

The experimental investigation to evidence the data of magic weapon enchant success probability, also based on previous the research where had publish in this blog [click here to see the article]. The data said that magic weapon has the lowest rate of success probability than other weapons / melee weapons. The avarage point of magic weapon succes rate is only 39% from 100 experiments to reach maximum level of enchant. Bellow the investigation result :

Magic Sword S84 Grade :

1. Magic Sword

  • Vesper Buster's : S84 grade the magic sword of Vesper Buster's enchanted statistics since last March 25, 2010 took place approximately six months in halfway. Enchanted at the highest levels of Vesper Buster's is +7, but now a step increase in current Vesper Buster +8 (depends, 286).

  • Veniplant Sword : Veniplant Sword is a new update weapon of Lineage 2 on Freya patch. It is drop from epic raid boss like Valakass, Freya and Antaras. Veniplant's enchanted Sword plant statistics for the first time this has been ongoing, Veniplant Sword +10 (depends, 312) was found to exist at the current server of ARIA. In addition, the following figures show the number of 3 enchanted Veniplant Swords +8 were found.

  • Archangel Sword : Archangel Sword has update only in Freya. It is drop via epic raid boss, Archangel S84 grade is the best magic weapon. Enchanted Sword of Archangel on statistics for the first time this was going well, currently the highest levels enchanted of this weapons +4 (depends, 276) have been found to exist by one item on the server.

2. Magic One Handed Blunt

  • Vesper Caster : Grade S84 the magic one hand of the vesper caster enchant statistics since last April 8, 2010 took place about 6 months. Enchanted at the highest levels of Vesper Caster on current server was found in the level of +8 (depends, 286), and today, no change was observed. In addition, the number of failure rate of Vesper Caster in the level +7 increase in the last 12 to 23 until 35 numbers were found to exist.

  • Rising Star Cuticles : Rising Star is one of new weapon that implement in Fryea patch. The weapon only drop by epic raid boss only such as Valakas, General Freya and Antaras. Enchanted statistics of the cuticles was conducted in the first time by a total six server, +7 cuticle (depends, 288), respectively, were found to exist by one item.

3. Magic Two-Handed / Big Blunt :

  • Vesper Singer : S84 Grade of two handed magic blunt of Vesper Singer enchanted statistics in last April 8, 2010 took place after about 6 months after. The highest levels enchant of Vesper Singer +7 has recorded, but now a step increase to +8 (depends, 309), the aria server was found to exist.

  • Blackvisage Staff : Blackvisage staff has update as new weapon on lineage2 Freya. The number of a new weapon drop by epic raid boss such as Valakas, Freya General and Antaras. Blackvisage enchanted statistics for the first time has been progressing in the current total 5 servers recorded the highest enchant level reach out in +4 (depends, 288) by total of 8 items.

Note : Other new highest level of magic weapon such as Sacredium, Cyclic Cane haven't got to investigate, yet. It will be updated soon See Other S84 Grade Weapon Enchant Experimental Data [Click LINEAGE2 LAB ]

source : powerwiki-korea [lineage2 labs]
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