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Awakening Quest Guide - Lineage2

#Part 2 : Awakening Process Lineage 2
There is no choice to pose questions hadel

Quest receives selpinege sagira sites in Syracuse in the sealed door and Herzegovina do if you can help give new powers he senses, the sagira exploration sites in an area called hadeleul should go.

Sagira hadeleun player in the ruins of Syracuse and Herzegovina Unlock the door if I could have the power to move the world, cut off by moving the labyrinth gives.

    • Syracuse seal off doors and Herzegovina
Treatment for a giant that can recover your HP and MP  
Within the labyrinth of disconnected classes, each representing a giant awakening to emerge. Continue to fight the giant and 1:01, if all the opponent can move into the dungeon.Both appeared on the inside that the monsters will use the skills of awareness classes.

Siegel, president of the Night, for example rakeujan seukilin use chain strike and shield charge and representatives of Krakow Kia batuseu seukilin the Warrior Tyr bombeowa power armor uses destructors, Sean. Twice the progress of the battle with a giant door and Herzegovina in Syracuse is sealed access to the deep mystery is disconnected.

Emergence of isolated labyrinth monster

Hernandez is a sealed door Syracuse area prevents the soul stands in front of the player, the specter hareunakeuui Auditor. If the specter treatment hareunakeuui Herzegovina door Syracuse recovering from a sealed, free from the bondage of the soul and Herzegovina Syracuse statement gives the brightness of the West as a gift.

Herzog sealed the doors to monitor Syracuse hareunakeuui Specter
If the specter treatment hareunakeuui Herzegovina statement that awakens Syracuse 

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